Discover The Powerful Infinite Banking Concept that is changing the financial lives of Canadian Families. Click to watch the video that will show you how!

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My name is Richard Canfield and I'm an Authorized Practicioner of the Nelson Nash Institue. I teach Canadian families and business owners the power of The Infinite Banking Concept as described by Bestselling Author and my mentor R. Nelson Nash. 

This video is for you if:
You want to have complete CONTROL over the use and liquidity of your money. 

You want to put your savings on a form of "legal steroids".

You want to learn the secrets of how you and your family can "become your own banker" as described in the book I'm holding in my hands.

You are tired of handing over your money to banks and lending institutions never to see it again

You want to be empowered and harness the opportunity cost of every future earned dollar that goes through your hands.

In this video you will discover how hundreds of Canadians are able to create thier own Private Wealth System that can span mutliple generations and beat the bank in the process. 



“Anyone learning the secrets of Infinite Banking from Richard Canfield is in very good hands. Richard understands this system as well as or better than anyone I’ve ever taught. And just as importantly, he’s a genius at teaching it to others. The chance to learn from Richard is a chance to secure your family’s prosperity forever… don’t let it pass you by.” - R. Nelson Nash - Pioneer of The Infinite Banking Concep

R. Nelson Nash
Best-Selling Author of Becoming Your Own Banker &
 Building Your Warehouse of Wealth


“With Richard’s guidance, we dramatically accelerated our ideal financial future. After a few simple shifts in how we view and manage our money, we’re much closer to our goals and its given us peace of mind. Best of all, we’ve been able to help people we care about thanks to our newfound financial flexibility.” - Fong Chua 


Fong Chua 
Author of Make More Work Less with Cashflow &
Make More Work Less by Building a Team

“Infinite Banking has helped me wipe out debt and get into some really exciting investments. I’d recommend any Canadian learn this system from Richard. He’s a genius. He takes the time to explain the ins and outs of Infinite Banking properly, and any time I have a question he’s there to help me get to the answer.” - Paul Eikeland

Paul Eikeland
Private Banker using The Infinite Banking Concept